“Don’t be fooled by what you see on the outside because on the inside it’s often a different story”

Mary Krontiris

Passionate about Sports Medicine and overall health & wellness from an early age, Mary has dedicated her career to sharing her knowledge and expertise to create a positive impact in the industry. Understanding how crucial it is to engage the entire athletic ecosystem during an athlete’s career, Mary created The Krontiris Method. The Krontiris Method is a sports medicine EdTech that combines telehealth, strength and conditioning, athlete management and recruitment all in one for all the users in an athletic ecosystem (i.e., Athletic Director, School Nurse, Coach, Athletic Trainer, Parent, and other affiliated Healthcare Providers) Mary’s mission is to have athletes reach their highest potential, physically, mentally, and spiritually, to bring back the fun and love of sports while ensuring “Safety First to Prevent the Worst™” for our athletes.

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